Pastoral Post for Sunday, January 26, 2020

At their meeting this past Monday night, our Deacons thanked outgoing chair Bruce Farlow for his faithful and effective leadership over the last two years. He has offered steady encouragement and thoughtful guidance to our Deacons and to our congregation. We’re grateful to him.
The Deacons also elected their officers for the current year. Melody Bell will continue to serve as Secretary, Peggy Brown will be Vice-Chair, and Pat Stillwell will be Chair. We’re in good hands!
I’m thankful to Butch Stillwell, our Minister of Pastoral Care, and Jim Burnett, our Minister of Music, for their friendship, collegiality, and partnership in ministry. It has bee a joy and a gift to serve with them. They care deeply about our church and work hard, beyond their job descriptions, to help us thrive as a community of faith.
Thank you for the grace you’ve extended to me by allowing me to serve as your Transitional Pastor. You’ve welcomed my work, been patient with the limits on my time and energy, and given me generous affirmation. I have felt your support and your love. You will remain in my heart and prayers.
Grace and peace,