Pastoral Post

Dear Friends,

For the last 18 months or so, the Leadership Team, the Deacons, and our congregation as a whole have been listening to one another and to the voice of the Spirit as we seek to discern the shape of our future mission and ministry. It’s challenging and important work. We want to be faithful followers of Jesus who use our talents, time, and energy to serve the kingdom of God.  

I believe that, by the end of this calendar year, we need to make some significant decisions about how we will be and do church. We know, of course, that we will gather for worship, study the Bible, extend love and care to one another, welcome guests and new members, and engage in mission.

One significant question we must answer has to do with the scope and extent of that mission-engagement: how much can we do in light of our gifts, limits, and opportunities?

Other important questions are about our buildings: How do we assure that they are accessible for the majority of our members and guests? How do we take wise care of them? How do we avoid their becoming the nearly-singular focus of our attention?

As we continue this journey of discernment, we need to have honest and, at times, hard conversations with each other. I’m confident that the Spirit will guide us and I look forward to what we will discover together.

Grace and peace,