Pastoral Post


In two weeks—on July 28—we’ll have our quarterly Business Meeting.  It will take place immediately following the worship service, and, if it unfolds like most of our business meetings, it should last about half an hour. Brief though they are, these meetings are important; because they give us an opportunity to hear about, support, and shape the ministries of our congregation. I hope you’ll plan to participate on that day.

One particularly significant agenda item for the 28th will be the presentation of a modified church budget for the remainder of 2019. The Leadership Team has reviewed our gift and expenditures through the first half of the year, factored-in some staff shifts, and adjusted some specific amounts related to the care of our buildings. The changes that the Leadership Team is recommending to us are wise and good. I’m grateful to them for their work.

Next Sunday, July 21st, we will commission the Nicaragua Mission Team. They will be gone from July 23-August 1, and we want to send them off with our prayers, encouragement, and support.  As you likely know, there has been a good deal of unrest in that country over the last year, and our friends’ time there will be a sign of peace and reconciliation, as well as a tangible and hands on demonstration of the love of Christ.

Grace and peace,