Pastoral Post July 28 2019


As we’re gathered here on Haywood Road to offer our worship to God, Dan and Margaret Bradshaw and Terry Smith are sharing in prayer and praise with sisters and brothers who are part of churches in Nicaragua. With our support and in partnership with Vision Nicaragua, Dan, Margaret, and Terry are “on mission” in the name of Jesus. They’re offering themselves and God’s love to the people of that land where, recently, there has been a great deal of political discord and social upheaval. I know you’ll keep our friends in your prayers as they do this kingdom-work and as they return to the United States on August 1.

We welcome Jim Burnett back from a couple of weeks of much-needed and well-deserved vacation (we missed you, Jim!), and we express our thanks to Harry and Evelyn Ponder for their excellent leadership in Jim’s absence. We appreciate their faithfulness and their willingness to share their gifts with us.

If your schedule allows it, plan to stay for a few minutes after the conclusion of worship to participate in our quarterly church conference/business meeting. It’s a good way to be informed about, and participate in, what’s happening in the life of our congregation. My thanks to Lennie Thornton, Chair of our Leadership Team, as well as our Treasurer, to Bruce Farlow, our Deacon Chair, and to Doley Bell, our Moderator, for their leadership of our church and of this important meeting.

Grace and peace,